Tina Fey’s Google Interview: Don’t Tell a Crazy Person They’re Crazy


While Tina Fey’s interview at Google is an hour-long delight, the real character on stage is Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt. This guy! “There’s a lot in the book about women things, which I’m not going to quote from,” he reassures her. Later he asks, “You like Alec Baldwin” as a question. Classic Schmidt. In talking about her new book Bossypants, Fey touches on the basic tenets of improv, recounts some embarrassing Joan Rivers lore passed around Second City, and does an villainous impression of the Harvard faction of 30 Rock’s writing staff: “These humans think they’ve found something in the moment. We’ll let them do it.” When working your angles for a magazine shoot Tina advises, “You have to let go of any rational understanding that what you’re doing is ridiculous.” Excellent life advice in general.