Tina Fey Talks Women in Comedy and SNL


Tina Fey had a nice, long chat with Terry Gross on NPR's "Fresh Air" today. The interview is full of great stuff, of course, including Fey on the 30 Rock episode "TGS Hates Women" ("It's just such a tangled-up issue, the way women present themselves — whether or not they choose to, as I say, put their thumbs in their panties on the cover of Maxim and the way women judge each other back and forth for it"), not being allowed to fix your child's underwear on the subway forever, what she learned from Rachel McAdams, accidentally endorsing Hillary Clinton, how SNL should hire an African American woman, and her continued allegiance to Team Gwyneth: "Gwyneth Paltrow has a great ear or instinct for sketch comedy, because you have to make a quick choice and go with it and she was really good." [Fresh Air/NPR]