25 Films to See at the Tribeca Film Festival


This year’s Tribeca Film Festival begins on April 20, and by the time it ends on May 1, 93 feature films will have screened. To figure out what to see with that many films available, you need professional guidance: That’s why Vulture's critics and writers watched as many of the films as we could before the fest — about two thirds of the offerings — to pick our top recommendations. (We also included a few that weren't made available for previewing, but that we're still anxious to see, bringing us to a list of 25.) We found that while some of the more celebrity-heavy films don't deliver, many others do — particularly in the very strong documentary lineup. Our picks range from a terrific documentary on school bullying (The Bully Project) to a Sam Shepard Western (Blackthorn) and a tense lesbian drama about Swedish friends on an equestrian acrobatics team (She Monkeys). Read on, and buy your tickets accordingly!