The 20 Most Exciting Pilots of the Upcoming TV Season


Pilot season is upon us, with upwards of 80 new series being filmed for the five major networks. Not nearly all of them will make it to air next fall; some because they're just no good, many others because they don't fit the networks needs, tone, or audience. We've taken a close look at all the pilots in production, talked to insiders, and read the scripts to suss out the twenty most exciting and intriguing ones, and then handicapped their chances of success. On the list you'll find much to look forward to, including hipster chicks, stewardesses, Lost alums, gospel choirs, magical cops, NYPD, Playboy bunnies, and, of course, James van der Beek. And since no honest survey of any pilot season would be complete without some skepticism, we've also included the five pilots we're most excited about for all the wrong reasons. (Poe, the detective! Don Johnson, the aging hairdresser! Bosom Buddies, the sequel!) Take a look.