Vulture Premiere: TV on the Radio’s ‘Will Do,’ As Tweaked by P.O.S.

TV on the Radio - 2011

Ahead of the official release of TV on the Radio's new album, Nine Types of Light (pre-order here), Vulture would like to offer you an alternate take on the album's awesome first single, "Will Do." As remixed by Minnesota rapper and Rhymesayers Entertainment artist P.O.S., the track maintains its basic structure and overall melancholy, but gains some groove-enhancing bits and squiggles. It's a nice treat for the TVoTR completist, fans of Photo Hunt–style spot-the-difference games, and people who like good music. Check it out!

Listen to TV on the Radio - "Will Do" (Additional remix production by P.O.S.)

TV on the Radio - Will Do (POS remix)