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Was Odd Future’s Mysteriously Missing Member Found?

Particularly committed Odd Future fans know part of the group's mystique revolves around missing member Earl Sweatshirt, a technically proficient rapper who's released one short-but-sweet album, Earl, and this highly disturbing (death-juice-featuring) music video. The group won't say where he went, so Complex did their own research — and now claim to have found him, at the Coral Reef Academy, a "treatment program for at-risk teenage boys" ... in Samoa. This sounds like a perfectly reputation-boosting place for Earl to be, but despite the evidence (there are photos and stuff), Odd Future gang leader Tyler, the Creator is denying the allegation on Twitter: "Sick As Fuck, But I Just Came On This To Say That Complex Shit Is False Info." (Also: "Fuck Complex.") Question: How will this affect the resale value of our "Free Earl" T-shirt? [Complex]