Passion Play Trailer: Every Time Mickey Rourke Growls, Megan Fox Gets Her Wings


The moody smuttiness of Carnivale meets the reluctant-wing-having from X-Men: The Last Stand in this trailer for Passion Play. Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox, and Bill Murray star as a jazz musician, an angel, and ... Bill Murray. Out in the desert, Rourke meets the exploited, sad Fox as she shimmies in a peep show, and then it's off to the races: Murray wants Rourke dead; Rourke wants Fox naked; Fox wants "to be like all the other girls." The film will in fact have a limited theatrical release and not head straight to DVD, as previously announced, though it's hard to imagine lines like "I get the angel, you get your life" inspiring much of a box-office return.