Watch Salt-n-Pepa Perform ‘Shoop’ and ‘Push It’ on Oprah


It was lady-rocker day today on Oprah, and it was kind of fun! Stevie Nicks performed "Landslide" with Sheryl Crow (revealed: Nicks told Crow, "Not to have babies, 'cause you'll never write a great song again"); Joan Jett performed "Cherry Bomb" with Miley Cyrus (okay, medium fun); Pat Benatar and Avril did "Love Is a Battlefield"; and Sister Sledge closed the show. But the best part was a medley by Salt-n-Pepa, who don't perform that often but sound exactly like they always have. (For reminders of how Oprah performances can go wrong, see: the Backstreet Boys.) The ladies, wearing black leather and backed by Spinderella, did "Whatta Man," "Shoop," and, best of all, "Push It." Only thing missing: "Let's Talk About Sex." Next time?