Watch Steven Tyler Mispronounce Common Musical Terms on American Idol


After Jacob Lusk's performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water," on American Idol last night, judge Steven Tyler got the bleep treatment for saying something that looked like "Holy shit-dizzles," which is actually quite a lovely compliment, in the made-up-word category. But that was just the beginning of his creative use of the language. Tyler continued his praise, "It's astounding to me how angelic you sing ... your crenscendos and minuen...innuendos, the ups and downs as they say ..." Which is odd coming from someone who has spent his entire adult life around music. Making it doubly odd is that he clearly knows what an innuendo actually is: After the previous number, he had creepily smirked at Haley — who was wearing a tiny minidress — and made a "joke" about "looking up her new address."

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