Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘All by Myself’ Best?


Get ready to have your minds blown: Did you know that Celine Dion did not, in fact, originate the song "All by Myself"? That honor belongs to Eric Carmen, a singer-songwriter from the seventies, who apparently got into quite a bit of trouble with the Rachmaninoff estate in the process. Dion, of course, gave it its diva panache, and without her, it certainly would not have landed such a prominent role in last night's episode of Glee, which, no matter what you thought of it, featured a rousing (if random) performance by power-belter Sunshine Corazon, a.k.a. Charice, the Filipina pop star. Other noteworthy performances throughout history include: Rhap Salazar, Charice's fellow Filipino, and Pia Toscano, who is a victim of neglect indeed. Watch below and vote for your favorite!

As Performed By

Il Divo

Smooth voices, smooth skin — these guys have it all.

As Performed By

Only Men Aloud!

Fact: Women don't look good in purple ties.

As Performed By

Rhap Salazar

Boy genius.

As Performed By

Celine Dion

How do you have room in your body for all of that voice?!

As Performed By

Sunshine Corazon

Just look at Puck's face while she sings! Just look at it!