Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Born This Way’ Best?


Last night's Glee ended with a super-fly performance of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," and it seems a little bit against the spirit of the song to make a competition out of it. But this bull never met a china shop it didn't love to pieces, so let's get to it: a chamber group, a spooky duo, a precocious banana, and more all duke it out with Glee this week to answer the question, who did "Born This Way" best?

As Performed By


We'll tell you who wasn't born this way: Bach.

As Performed By

Alex Goot

Such flattering lighting!

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The Mania Music

Known only by his YouTube handle (to protect his privacy), this talented young man sets a new standard for fruit-related pop performance.

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Steve Kardynal

Minus ten points for lip-synching, but plus fifteen for public humiliation.

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Destinee & Paris

Anyone else a little spooked by them?

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New Directions

More solos from Tina! More!