Which of Will Ferrell's Old SNL Characters Is He Channeling on The Office?


Will Ferrell's guest stint on The Office continues tonight, and so far his Deangelo Vickers has distinguished himself on two fronts: First, he's got one of the best names in TV history. And second, he's basically a hybrid of previous Will Ferrell characters. He has the wide-eyed eagerness of middle-school chorus teacher Marty Culp, a strange passion for the Southwest that would make David Larry of "Dog Show" jealous, and the wistful idiocy that was at the core of Ferrell's George W. Bush impression. But when will he take his shirt off?

There's the weirdly grandiose, uncomfortably sexualized pronouncements ("She'll do ... Oh, she'll do") of a lovah:

Deangelo's just-below-the-surface hostility toward Pam and Jim could mean someone's about to call him a "big fat turd":

And his over-the-top seriousness ("It's something I live with") comes right from the doctor's office:

At some point before his Office stint is over, Ferrell will have to sing, disrobe, or shimmy around in a moment of ridiculously ecstatic physical comedy. Or preferably, all three at once.