Will Ferrell’s Spanish-Language Movie: ¿Qué?


¿Cómo se dice "Will Ferrell made a movie in Spanish"? Because that's what we've got here with the trailer for Casa de mi Padre, a feature-length telenovela spoof from Ferrell where he stars opposite Mexican film stalwarts Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna. (If it sounds like a Funny or Die spoof, that may be because it was directed by Matt Piedmont, who helmed many FoD shorts for Ferrell.) We'll give it this: It's certainly the best-looking film Ferrell's ever made. And, as the trailer boasts, it does have the requisite number of slaps, cigarettes, and pistols (but no thrown vases or wheelchair accidents thus far). But will the film's main joke hold over 90-plus minutes? Yo no sé.