50/50 Trailer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen Make Cancer Funny


Seth Rogen: friend to the comedically cancer-afflicted! Rogen was first put through his paces in Funny People, where he played assistant to Adam Sandler's sad-sack comedian as he deals with terminal cancer. Meanwhile, in real life, Rogen watched his friend Will Reiser struggle with a cancer diagnosis at a young age, and now Rogen he's mining that experience for 50/50, where he plays best friend to a similarly ailing Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The very promising trailer just debuted, and though it's got the occasional gross-out jokes and plenty of Rogen's free-associative pop culture references, it also looks like it's got plenty of heart, as the fundamentally decent Gordon-Levitt tries to come to grips with a cancer diagnosis that leaves him with a 50% chance of dying. In the meantime, Rogen urges him to milk his condition for sexual sympathy, and though the women in the movie don't bite, we have a feeling that some of you might feel a little differently.