A Book of Mormon Tour Is in the Works


Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Book of Mormon has been a huge success, selling out shows through the late summer, garnering 14 Tony nominations and paying for extra wings to be added to each of their solid-gold mansions. But what of the people nowhere near NYC who want to check it out? There’s the soundtrack, but that’s not quite the same of seeing the show in person. Never fear! A tour of the show is in the works, kicking off in Denver starting in December of 2012. There’s also talk of a show in London, although that one’s less nailed down at this point. In any case, it’ll be making its way around the country in a couple of years, well after every person in New York who wants to has seen it, just as it should be. It’ll be pretty interesting to see how people outside of the godless pinko bubble that is NYC take to the decidedly sacrilegious musical.