Watch the Trailer for A Little Help, Starring Jenna Fischer


Pam goes indie, Chris O'Donnell goes asshole, and it actually looks pretty charming? Plus: How long has it been since you thought about Jakob Dylan? "Sixth Avenue Heartache" — still a great song.


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"Yeah, but it's Kanye!"

Bill Cosby Ordered to Stand Trial in Sexual-Assault Case

He could face up to ten years if convicted.

Lena Hall’s Yitzhak Finally Achieves Her Dream of Playing Hedwig on the National Tour

Once a week in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Burt Kwouk, Best Known as Cato From the Pink Panther Films, Dead at 85

Perhaps the best manservant/valet/martial-arts expert of all time.

UnREAL’s Shiri Appleby Teaches Colbert How to Start Reality-TV Drama Like the Alleged Slut He Is

Jon Stewart would say that, that grotsky biotch.

Watch Cynthia Erivo Perform Her Big Number From The Color Purple on Colbert, If You Like Witnessing Beautiful Things

Just give her the Tony already.

Bill Cosby Admitted to Abusing Women Years Ago, New Evidence Shows

Cosby will appear in court Tuesday morning.

Digital-Comics Superstore comiXology Launches Subscription Plan

It's not exactly a Netflix of comics, but it's close.

Elijah Wood Clarifies Earlier Remarks About Child Sex Abuse in Hollywood: ‘I Have No Firsthand Experience or Observation of the Topic’

In light of his Sunday Times interview.

Full Frontal Takes a Look at Bernie Sanders’ Supporters in Nevada, Because You Can Believe in a Moral Good, and Still Be the Absolute Worst

This is probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better, huh?

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