Aaron Sorkin Still Hates the Internet


Aaron Sorkin's media diet consists equally of print newspapers and complaining, he explains to the Atlantic. Sorkin's been pretty down on the whole Internet since the "Lemon-Lyman" days of The West Wing (in 2002), so his "the problem with free speech is that you get what you pay for" shtick is getting kind of tired. We get it, Aaron Sorkin! You don't think bloggers are held to high enough standards. And Sorkin is a real web connoisseur, right? "The homepage on my web browser is Yahoo, which I'm told it shouldn't be, but I've just been too lazy to change it," he says. Oh. He redeems himself slightly, however, with this line: "From time to time I'll read some of the comments under stories on it to get a sense of what it must be like at a Klan meeting." (He's used it before, though.) Friend, the site you're looking for is Estate 4.1. [Atlantic Wire]