ABC Picks Up Twelve New Series, Comes Up With Creative Word Substition for ‘Bitches’ [Update]


Having just cleared a mess of space in their lineup, ABC gets down to filling in the gaps and picks up the following pilots: Charlie's Angels (at least we'll have one lady-centric reboot to kick around now that NBC passed on Wonder Woman); Shonda Rhimes's Scandal, which should lessen the pain of Off the Map being axed; the Christina Ricci stewardess-drama Pan Am; the Count of Monte Cristo–in-the-Hamptons drama Revenge; the fairy-tale set Once Upon a Time; thriller The River; the sitcom Apt. 23, which co-stars James Van Der Beek as himself; the Tim Allen comedy Last Man Standing; and Darren Star's Good Christian Bitches, now called, hilariously, Good Christian Belles. We're so excited for the puns on that one ('Life's a belle and then you die." "What up Belles." "I'm a Belle, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother ... ") UPDATE: Great, ridiculous news! We're hearing that ABC has also just picked up Work It, the Bosom Buddies–like comedy about dudes who dress like women for a job. Also going forward: Suburgatory, the family sitcom set in the 'burbs, and Man Up about a group of guy friends.