Adam Pally Will Get Tim Robbins Laid If It’s The Last Thing He Tweets


Either Adam Pally’s Tim Robbins live-blogging is an elaborate 8-hour endurance practical joke at the expense of the Shawshank Redeption star, or it actually happened. Either way, yikes! “Tim, you don’t make fun of your wingman you old grey fuckface, I’m trying to get your wrinkly dick sucked, cool it on the chubby jokes,” Pally tweets as he allegedly tries to help the Mystic River actor hit on their lady cabin mates during a delayed cross-country flight. “The Players about to Play yall, and he’s trying to get his hudsucker proxeyed. This motherfucka ain’t no dead man walking,” Pally writes, eventually addressing the Academy-Award winning elephant in the room: “Tim ” Don’t fuck actresses, they end up fucking you” Me “What about Susan Sarandon should I fuck her?” Tim “you’re insane huh? I dig it” WOW’ No, seriously, wow.