Adam Scott, Rob Delaney, Nick Offerman and Others Read David Foster Wallace


A couple of weeks ago in Beverly Hills, PEN USA gathered up a pretty kick-ass collection of folks to read monologues from the late David Foster Wallace’s unfinished final novel, The Pale King. The lineup: Michelle Azar, Rob Delaney, Rosemarie DeWitt, Brian Elerding, Nick Offerman, Josh Radnor, June Raphael, Henry Rollins, Adam Scott, Jennifer Westfeldt, and Casey Wilson.

The video above unfortunately doesn’t include clips of all of the above reading (only fleeting glimpses of a full-bearded Nick Offerman!), but it gives you a good idea of what the event was like. And it seems really great! DFW was one of the greatest writers of the past century or so, and to see such a great collection of folks reading his work must have been something. I only wish they would put up videos of a full monologue or two.