Alec Baldwin May Be Exiting Rock of Ages [Update]


When we talked to Alec Baldwin back in March, he told us he had dropped out of Men in Black III, but at least it had freed up some time for him to take singing lessons for his role in Adam Shankman's star-studded big-screen musical Rock of Ages. Now that's not happening, either: The Hollywood Reporter says Baldwin has dropped the project, though he'll still be shooting Woody Allen's next film and the indie drama Hick during his summer hiatus from 30 Rock. If your hopes and dreams had rested on Baldwin singing REO Speedwagon with Russell Brand, you'd better invite them both to karaoke. UPDATE: Or not! Deadline says Baldwin is still in, pending the resolution of a personal, medical issue. UPDATE to the UPDATE: Deadline is now reporting that Baldwin has asked to be dropped from the movie "if at all possible." [HR]