From Elephants in Overalls to Monkeys in Denim: A Brief History of Movie Animal Fashion


The Hangover: Part II (out tomorrow) has not had a lot of critics praising its originality. (Well, not a lot of critics praising it, period.) It reprises the familiar formula of four dudes, an unknown city, a Mike Tyson tattoo, and screaming; however, the sequel does introduce one all-new element to the franchise that just might be enough to make us go see Part II in spite of the reviews: a monkey in a jean vest — drug-running monkey in a jean vest, no less. Whose enjoyment of a movie has not automatically been heightened by the presence of a clothed animal? Seals in tuxes, apes in Hawaiian shirts, dogs with sweaters: They make you feel as warm inside as these bundled-up animals are on the outside. And so, inspired by Crystal the smoking Hangover monkey, we now honor the great moments in movie and television animal fashion. Enjoy!