Beardpocalypse Now: Excalibeard’s Revenge


After most recently seeing him go the dramatic route in the Everything Must Go trailer, it’s a pleasure to see Will Ferrell unleash his white-hot rage during Conan’s beard removal. “By the way Conan’s daughter, Buddy the Elf is going to go off on Daddy’s face,” Ferrell snarled as he fondled a straight razor. It’s like standing in front of an angry space heater. It’s no wonder he was so worked up about removing Conan’s facial hair though; it’s all anyone in America can talk about. “There were people celebrating in front of the White House,” Ferrell exclaimed.”The President talked about it!” If the bin Laden comparisons at #beardpocalypse were any indication, Ferrell’s interpretation of events was spot-on. After allowing Conan to peruse some vintage Playboys (to remind him of what he was about to lose) and consider some new facial hair styles (The Love Caterpillar, The Gay Illusionist, The Hitler), Ferrell shaved Conan down to a scraggly nubbin, which an actual barber removed completely during the break. “I am rock hard right now,” Ferrell confirmed. So were we all.