Beyoncé Performed a New Song on American Idol Last Night


American Idol crowned a winner last night (wait for the reluctant Paul F. Tompkin's recap to find out! Or just don't not have an Internet connection!), but there was one other momentous occasion: along with appearances from Lady Gaga, the Edge and Bono, Jack Black, TLC, and, of course, Lil Jon, came a high-profile performance from Beyoncé. This time, she skipped the YouTube/Italian-pop-inspired histrionics in favor for a Whitney Houston–esque vocal showcase as she revealed a new song, a big grand love ballad called "1+1." As the just-announced track list reveals, it's the lead-off track for 4 (the album will also, says the track list, have an Andre 3000 verse), and it certainly doesn't pull any punches. For example: at one point, it sure sounds like Beyoncé's singing, "Make love to me when the world’s at war." While listening below, Vulture certainly will not judge you if you want to pretend that you are "1" and Beyoncé is the other "1."