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Brother’s Lee Newell Explains the Principles of Effective Stage Banter

Brother, an ascendant rock band from Slough, England (the home of the original Office!), plays a subgenre they've dubbed "gritpop." In other words, they're not too far out of line with the sound of Britain's two biggest guitar acts of the nineties, Blur and Oasis — which, in turn, means the British press totally loves them. The quartet hasn't yet made as much an impact Stateside, but they're working on it; in fact, just last Friday, Brother made their national-TV debut on Late Show With David Letterman, where Dave dutifully made fun of their clothing. While the band was in New York, Vulture sat down with front man Lee Newell — who just so happens to be a prodigious, bright new light in the realm of stage banter — to talk about talking. As Lee puts it: "What makes good stage banter? Mainly, me."