Buy the Dude’s Big Lebowski Sweater


Are you mildly to majorly obsessed with The Big Lebowski? Do you refer to White Russians as Caucasians and have fanciful bowling-themed dreams about Julianne Moore? Perhaps, then, you might be interested in one of four original sweaters worn by the Dude in The Big Lebowski? As the Profiles in History auction house explains: “There were four sweaters made for the production — this vintage sweater and three modern copies, according to costume designer Mary Zophres. Bridges wore this vintage sweater exclusively during the entire production, preferring to wear it all the time and thus delve deeper into the ‘Dudeness’ required of the role.” Sadly, the auction takes place in Beverly Hills this weekend, and each sweater is expected to fetch at least $4,000 to $5,000. If you can't make it, Pendleton is manufacturing reproductions that will launch this fall and cost around $180 each. [Movieline]