Nine Films to See From This Year’s Cannes Film Festival


Now that Cannes is over, you can prepare yourself to see an "Official selection of the Cannes Film Festival" emblem leading off countless trailers at your local art-house cinema. This imprimatur automatically adds a subconscious "classy!" to the film's aura, but as anyone who has endured an immersion at a film festival knows well, just because a movie got in doesn't mean it's worth seeing. So, in order to help you sort through the impending onslaught, here are this year's fest's nine most intriguing, buzzy films: Some were unanimously lauded and some were divisive, but all had the most passionate champions. Two notes: We're not including Tree of Life and Midnight in Paris, as they've already opened Stateside and their reviews have said it all. And also, we tried to separate the movies with general buzz from those that seemed buzz-worthy only if you were French (such as the cop-drama jury-prize winner Polisse, and the Sarkozy docu-drama La Conquete, which apparently had some grand revelations about his marriage, but that many Americans found so impenetrably boring that they walked out).