Charlie Sheen Wants to Take His Tour Abroad Now


Charlie Sheen's "Violent Torpedo of Truth" shows turned out to be mostly misses, and even Sheen is glad the tour's over: “I feel so relieved to be done with it," he told an Australian radio station on Thursday. "The tour was overbooked and it went on too long. It wasn’t a question of my fatigue factor but I had to keep digging a little deeper each night in the new cities to remind myself that it was new for them." Which is not to say that he doesn't blame the media, obviously. "I had to start the show by saying, ‘If you’re media and you’re here, start by writing about the things that happen. Park your bookend opinion, wrap-up, preamble for a second and pay attention to what’s going on and you might learn something and make your journalism professors proud.' They didn’t listen." In any case, he's got stamina -- or he needs the money -- so he wants to take the show overseas, to Australia, Europe, and Asia. This time, the routine would be "more about an evening with Charlie Sheen" and less about violent torpedoes. Sheen explained: "If I told people what to expect maybe they wouldn’t heckle me like the drunk clowns that they are." There we go. Still got it. [HR]