Charlie Sheen Wishes Two and a Half Men Had Ended in Suicide


Yes, Chuck Lorre is going to reboot Two and a Half Men without Charlie Sheen, but the Vatican assassin warlock is fine with that. "It's nice to have closure with Two and a Half," Sheen told Access Hollywood. "It's fine. I mean, 177 episodes, it was getting a little stale. I just didn't know it was going to rot and fall off the vine like this." If anything, Sheen thinks we were deprived of a killer ending: "I feel bad for the fans because there was never that final episode where Alan, like, comes into my room calling my name and pulls back the closet door and there I am hanging, with a note saying, 'How do you like me now, Chuck?' ... Maybe I'll do a web version and we'll produce that version ourselves." Then again, Charlie Sheen has already been broadcasting his career suicide over the web, so it might feel a little anticlimactic. [Access Hollywood]