Comedy for Cows, or Did You Hear The One About The Interrupting You?


There’s no worse feeling than looking out at a silent audience, their mouths slack, their eyes staring, their pendulous udders swinging in the country breeze. Though if you’re performing stand-up comedy for cows, well, then clearly you love setting yourself up to fail, don’t you? Comedian Milton Jones did a set for a herd of fresians for a study sponsored by Bel UK, the makers of The Laughing Cow Cheese, which I now have reason to believe is inaccurately named. Jones dropped some bovine-themed gems like “So you cows say you’re vegetarians - but how come you all wear leather, eh?” and “Went to one of those farmers markets the other day - bought a couple of farmers. Should taste lovely!” in an effort to monitor herd happiness, which makes for greater productivity. Or they can just get rid of the two-drink minimum already.