Daily Show Senior Latino Correspondent Al Madrigal Is Not Your Applebee’s Fajita


The Daily Show debuted new Senior Latino Correspondent Al Madrigal last night, who suspects President Obama’s recent statements about immigration are just a cynical ploy to appeal to a growing demographic, not unlike some late-night satirical news shows we know. “You hope to make up for it by Googling ‘Mexican comedian’ and voila!” he analogized to a sheepish Stewart. “It’s so cultural offensive,” Madrigal declared. “And I am a little offended your make-up lady covered up my tear drop tattoo.” Jon also took the time to clarify the specifics of an ugly stereotype: Jews are rumored to control the media, not the medians. “So we can sell oranges wherever we want!” the new correspondent gasped with joy. I personally thought Madrigal was funny, engaging and immediately fit in with the show’s voice, which seems like an excellent sign. What do you guys think of Daily’s new non-Canadian addition?