David Koechner Shows Amy Poehler What She Will See Before She Dies


What we wouldn’t give to look over and see Dave Koechner trying desperately to touch Amy Poehler’s hands at Denny’s. Even being at Denny’s sounds pretty good right now, but that, that would really take the cake.  In this briefest of interviews with Amy Poehler, Koechner tries to cement their friendship with an embrace even as he demonstrates how to perform dead shark eyes. “That’s what a person sees before they die,” Amy notes. Meanwhile, Poehler admits she is currently obsessed with chimp attacks. “I think if I had to fight someone I’d have to fight like a chimp and I’d have go for their tender areas,” she muses. So, if Koechner can’t keep his extremities on his side of the tab, he should probably keep an eye on his ears, nose and penis.