Full Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Trailer: Horror Done Right?


Last fall's teaser for Don't Be Afraid of the Dark was pretty damn creepy, but if it's possible, the new full trailer is even more unsettling. Scary little whisper-demons are harassing poor little Bailee Madison in her family's haunted new house, and there's nothing that Guy Pearce or Katie Holmes can do about it. (Holmes's wan reassurance, "I'll be right here," just isn't that comforting, you know?) A little bit of the menace is dispelled when we actually do get a glimpse of the creatures — hopefully they'll look a little less obviously CG in the final edit — but on the whole, it appears to be a tremendously effective frightfest. But can we get Guy Pearce out of these musty old movie mansions? After watching him putter around Mildred Pierce's similarly drafty estate, we're now afraid that Bailee Madison is going to grow up to be a terrifying coloratura who will give Katie Holmes a real run for her money. (Yes, we just keep the random Mildred Pierce references coming today. Deal with it.)