Farewell, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

CRIMINAL MINDS SPIN-OFF - Pilot Mini-Gallery (ABC STUDIOS/CLIFF LIPSON) Photo: Cliff Lipson/? 2010 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

CBS is keeping one of its cop-procedural spinoffs and axing another: CSI: New York will be sticking around for another season (though possibly not for a full 22 episodes), but Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior will only be airing on the big TV network in the sky. Suspect Behavior premiered in February, was deeply unspecial, and sadly wasted the talents of Forest Whitaker, Janeane Garafolo, and Richard Schiff. First Law & Order: Los Angeles, now this? Might the long reign of the predictable procedural and its even-more-predictable spinoff be nearing an end? Probably not, but every day is one day closer. [TV Line]