For the Record, Lars Von Trier’s Production Partner Is Totally Not Amused by Hitler Jokes


Lars Von Trier declares himself to be "very proud of being persona non grata" at Cannes following his Nazi-sympathizing-heavy Melancholia press conference; Peter Aalbaek Jensen, his partner in Zentropa, the production company behind Melancholia, is not as psyched. Says Jensen: "Zentropa would like to apologize to all persons, business partners, staff and institutions that, in connection with Lars von Trier's comments, have been inflicted in any way ... We would like to make it perfectly clear that Zentropa does not share Lars von Trier's view of what might be funny to say at a press conference, and that his comments are a direct contradiction of Zentropa's values ... We hope that we, in time, may regain your trust, and will do all we can to rectify the damage that Lars von Trier's remarks may have caused." Meanwhile, Kirsten Dunst, who stars in Melancholia and was sitting next to von Trier as he rambled, will, by way of apology, continue to make this face. [Variety]