Real Steel Trailer: Don’t Fight This Feeling


It's here, everyone! Finally, the deeply glorious full trailer for Real Steel has debuted, and oh man. Oh man! The movie you pictured in your head, when you heard "Hugh Jackman is signing on to a movie about boxing robots"? This is better. Better! First of all, it will easily make ten thousand dollars from each 10-year-old boy on our planet. Second of all, everyone's acting is amped up to eleven, and Hugh Jackman is giving us some major late-eighties Tom Cruise in this trailer, shouting all his lines and rakishly pushing his sunglasses both up and down his nose. (Meanwhile, Evangeline Lilly: so tremulous!) Third of all: It is exactly as shameless as it needs to be, as though director Shawn Levy decided that if he was going to fill Real Steel with boxing movie clichés, he would do them at full throttle and preferably at sunset or in the rain. Fourth: The year of gratuitous trailer beefcake continues! (Thanks, Hugh.) And fifth ... there is a robot with a mohawk. We could just keep going here, guys. Never stop making sequels to this, DreamWorks!