Watch Paul Giamatti and Gary Shteyngart Act Out Their Own Buddy Comedy


Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story and auteur of one of the funniest book trailers we've ever seen (not a high bar), has just crafted a sequel — to the trailer, which we're premiering on Vulture. To tout the paperback release of Love Story, he cast another Oscar nominee, Paul Giamatti, to play his roomie (James Franco appeared in the hardcover trailer). There are also a bevy of cougars and returning co-star Felix the dog, as the illiterate novelist tries to sweet-talk a book club in a Brooklyn Heights “brownhouse.” Shteyngart, currently writing an original pilot for HBO, is not ruling out an acting career, but the role has to be right. He tells Vulture that he recently turned down an offer to play an intellectual: "Too many big words," he said. Perhaps he should reconsider. It’s even easier to get typecast as an actor than as an author — and what is he waiting for, a remake of Perfect Strangers?