Girl Talk Made a Real Song


If you haven't personally survived one of his funpocalypse dance parties, it's easy to be befuddled by Greg "Girl Talk" Gillis, America's reigning mash-up king. As in: The guy gets fawning major magazine profiles for making particularly intricate playlists? A new impromptu development, however, may force his critics to fall back. When paired Girl Talk with Dipset's Jim Jones for their Selector series (which usually just involves one guy freestyling), the pair ended up making a whole new song. It's called "Believe in Magic," it samples Honey Cone's 1971 souls smash "Want Ads," and it is — despite Jones's insistence on once again rapping about his ambivalent relationship with the sparklers that some clubs provide along with their bottle service — pretty great. The point being: If Gillis can rattle off original productions that sound this good, maybe the haters do underrate his musicality. And, finally, here is Jones's requisite, clumsy name-check: "I'm the topic of the convo when the girl talk / I told Greg, shit, let's have some Girl Talk." [Pitchfork]