Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Rolling in the Deep’ Best?


Just turn it over on your tongue for a while: Jesse St. James. The man is back! And making Glee his bitch. He and Rachel took on Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" last night and hit it well out of the park ... or at least the auditorium. But how do they stack up against an army of YouTube competitors also taking on the same song? In the other corners, we've rounded up hirsute Scottish rockers Kassidy (U.K. hipsters look just like our hipsters!), the P.S. 22 chorus (who beat all for cuteness), and Mike Falzone (who drums on walls). Watch all these and more, and vote for your fave!

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P.S. 22 Chorus

Who doesn't love them?! No seriously, who are you? Because you are terrible.

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Will not perform without ciggie.

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Mike Falzone

The number of frames is directly proportional to the existential rage being expressed at any given time.

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The Accidentals

A cappella on purpose.

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Haley Reinhart

Based on our experience, we're ready to say that every pop song ever recorded has been performed on American Idol.

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Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James

Properly emotive and combative.