Great Gatsby Casts Its Tom Buchanan

: MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 11: Joel Edgerton poses with the award for Best Supporting Actor in the awards room at the 2010 Samsung Mobile AFI awards at the Regent Theatre on December 11, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images) Photo: Graham Denholm/2010 Getty Images

Why is Baz Luhrmann shooting an American classic like The Great Gatsby down under? When we asked him a while back, the director was cagey, but when he cast Australian actress Isla Fisher as Myrtle, we nursed a theory that perhaps Luhrmann was trying to take advantage of the high tax rebates — often as large as 40 percent — offered by Australia to film productions that cast native actors in a high percentage of the starring roles. Luhrmann has now filled two other roles with Aussie actors: Rising star Joel Edgerton was cast today as Tom Buchanan, while unknown acting-school grad Elizabeth Debicki landed the role of Jordan Baker last week. Sorry, Gatsby aspirant Bradley Cooper ... is there any way you can apply for dual citizenship? [Deadline]