Greta Gerwig Is Now Starring in Romantic Comedies


Indie queen Greta Gerwig upped her pay scale as Natalie Portman's buddy in No Strings Attached and Russell Brand's love interest in Arthur, but now she's actually getting to be a rom-com star. In Lola Versus — co-written by Zoe Lister-Jones and Daryl Wein, the Breaking Upwards couple, and directed by Wein — Gerwig gets dumped by her fiancé (possibly Orlando Bloom) weeks before her wedding and sets out to discover herself, or something. Admittedly doesn't sound great written down like that — but considering Gerwig, Lister-Jones, and Wein's shared micro-budget filmmaking past, it should be fun to see their take on studio fare. Or a really great makeover montage! [Variety]