Guillermo del Toro Taps Charlie Hunnam for Pacific Rim


Everybody, keep your fingers crossed for Guillermo del Toro. The filmmaker spent ages working on The Hobbit but bailed right before it got a green light; del Toro then moved on to At the Mountains of Madness, but the megabudgeted horror film fell apart even after Tom Cruise came onboard to star. Now, Deadline reports that del Toro has set Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam to topline his new project Pacific Rim, which will find humans using super-technology to combat giant behemoths that have risen from the sea. The third time is hopefully the charm for del Toro, since the talented filmmaker has only been able to mount a single movie (Hellboy II: The Golden Army) since his acclaimed 2006 breakthrough Pan's Labyrinth. [Deadline]