How to Make It In America Wants Your Hipster Children


HBO's Bushwick-tastic comedy How to Make It in America is looking for you — if you like Cold Cave and club drugs, that is. How to Make It in America — starring Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, Lake Bell, and Kid Cudi — wants "featured Hipsters!" for its next season. From the Craigslist ad:

"So have you ever been called a hipster? Deny being one but own various wardrobe and sport a hairstyle that is considered non-mainstream.? Got any cool tattoos? Have a awesome beard or ironic mustache.? Have some cool vintage dresses? Did you make it to the LCD Soundsystem farewell show or desperately wanted to? If any of these things pertain to you, you're probably just right for the show."

But if you're "right for the show" you're probably too cool to respond to the ad, right?

HBO ISO Hipsters For How To Make It In America [Gothamist]