It’s Time to Play ‘Is There Seriously a CSI Episode With That Title?’


CSI's season finale is tonight. While ratings for the once-unbeatable series have fallen, the cast has changed, and its spinoffs and progeny have littered the cop-show landscape, one thing has remained the same: The show's insane, pun-laden, or just plain gross episode titles. Can you tell real CSI episode titles from fake?


"Two and a Half Deaths"

"Crate 'n' Burial"

"Organ Grinder"

"Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead"

"My Big Fat Greek Beheading"


"Felonious Monk"

"A Kiss Before Frying"

"Cello and Goodbye"


"The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix"

"The Panty Sniffer"

"Smothers Day"

"Loco Motives"

"All That Cremains"

"For Gedda"

"How to Train Your Drag Queen"

"Time of Your Death"

"Guess Who's Coming to Die-ner"

"To Halve and to Hold"