Jay Baruchel Is Taking Studio Screenwriting Jobs


Falling in line with the preferences of the rest of his Apatow crew, Jay Baruchel has co-written (with Seth Rogen's usual writing partner, Evan Goldberg) an upcoming screenplay, Goon, that he's also starring in. But now Baruchel's taking his writing game to a new level, signing on for two studio adaptation jobs that he's not acting in: Random Acts of Violence, a comic book about a violent comic-book character maybe coming to life; and Exorcism Diaries, based on Mark Opasnick's book The Real Story Behind the Exorcist, about a reporter investigating an exorcism who might just end up needing an exorcism herself (exorcism). The writer-for-hire model isn't one working actors generally gravitate toward — but if this new trend means Apatow's disciples will eventually start writing all the summer-blockbuster stuff, Vulture won't complain. [Heat Vision/HR]