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Jeff Zucker’s Kid Couldn’t Get Kanye West for His Bar Mitzvah

Bar mitzvah party captain Drake.

Even former media honchos have their limits: Like Kanye West's $1 million asking price to play former NBC head Jeff Zucker's son's bar mitzvah. Zucker turned down West in favor of the much more affordable former Degrassi star Drake (also a Jew!) to play at last night's Four Season's bash. In all, Zucker's son Andrew and guests enjoyed "tremendous" food and fine wine, customized Converse-sneaker gifts — and the vocal stylings of the guy who sings "Best I Ever Had," which is not awkward at all to listen to with your dad and 300 of his closest friends. Uh-uh. No way.

Kanye's $1M demand nixed [Page Six/NYP]

Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images