Jodie Foster Knows She Can Act


How did Jodie Foster decide to cast herself in The Beaver? Confidence! Real, serious confidence: "I needed somebody who could really anchor the film and that drama, and wouldn’t be tempted by the comedy, the kitschiness at all, and was able to carry the film on her shoulders, and had to be age-appropriate, had to be somebody where you would believe [she and Mel Gibson's character] had spent 20 years of their life together. I also — once I brought Mel on, I know how he works, I know how easy he is to direct, and I know he doesn’t have any neuroses about being directed, and I just knew it wouldn’t be a problem for him the way it might’ve been with other actors." At first it sounds sort of cocky, but then ... well, Jodie Foster is a really good actress. [AV Club]