Judd Apatow on the Success of Bridesmaids


Here’s Judd Apatow on the intentions behind Bridesmaids: “Bridesmaids wasn’t made because I felt like we needed to make a movie which starred a lot of hilarious women. I made Bridesmaids because I worked with Kristen Wiig and I felt like she deserved to have a starring vehicle, and she pitched me this idea. And this was five years ago. None of us were trying to make any kind of statement. We were serving her idea, which was a great idea, and the best way to serve it was to fill it with all of our favorite funny women. The more important story is that a movie starring a lot of very funny people, who are not movie stars, succeeded because it’s strong. A lot of the time you don’t need giant stars — you just need people who are really good.”