Julianna Margulies Blasts Network ‘Assholes’ for Scheduling Snafu


Julianna Margulies tells HuffPo that she excited that The Good Wife is moving to Sundays at 9 p.m., mostly because she can escape the show it was up against in its old time slot. "I don't understand executives that pit women against each other, the fact that they brought in Body of Proof — Dana Delany is a friend of mine, and the two of us were just rolling our eyes," she said. "It's like, of course, you finally have two great female leads and you're going to put us on against each other. You're assholes. You should have put them on against a different show to see where they go, and then in the end, it was split down the middle. It's the feeling that you want to celebrate, not de-calibrate." It could only get worse if Whitney is an imitator-spawning hit next year — could the TV schedule possibly survive so many young hotties going head-to-head? CORRECTION: We had the time slot change backwards, initially ... it's since been fixed. [HuffPo]