Kristen Wiig Slept With Joe the Plumber, And Other Amazing Rumors Debunked


Newsweek’s interview with Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig not only touches on Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses and Sudeikis’ upcoming duties at the MTV Movie Awards, it also serves as a reminder of the greatest rumor of 2008: Kristen Wiig sleeping with Joe the Plumber. “So random!,” Wiig says. “He wasn’t even at that [SNL] show. There are people out there that think I went home with Joe the Plumber after an after-party—an after-party that [John and Cindy McCain] were at, supposedly.” Remember that? Also, remember Joe the Plumber, who was neither named Joe nor, technically-speaking, a plumber? Agrees Sudeikis, “It was weird when people were thinking I was dating Jennifer Aniston. Where did that come from?” Jason, please, no one cares that! We need more Joe! Sleeping with Joe the Plumber in 2012!